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  • Colin Fry Colin Fry Known as the Happy Medium, Colin is one of Britain's leading psychics. He admits the spirit world has helped him through some very difficult times.
  • David Wells David Wells An outstanding astrologer, past life therapist, author, teacher and presenter - David also helps people develop their own psychic skills.
  • Derek Acorah Derek Acorah Derek’s first supernatural experience came as a child when the spirit of his late grandfather visited him - that changed his life forever.
  • James Van Praagh James Van Praagh Van Praagh claims the spirits help guide him, and they have told him there are "many levels of Heaven".
  • John Edward John Edward Deeply compelling, often startling and sometimes humorous, John’s down-to-earth approach has earned him a vast and loyal following.
  • Theresa Caputo Theresa Caputo Theresa began seeing spirits from the age of four and eventually discovered she had the ability to communicate with spirits.


Psychic Mediums

Welcome to a whole new psychic experience, our new definitive site about The Psychics, their abilities, how they use their gifts for the good of all, what tools they choose to aid divination and healing.

How their talents can help you and how your own psychic powers can help you help yourself. The Psychics is for anyone with an interest in the spiritual side of this life and beyond ...

The Psychics is for the fulfillment, education and enjoyment of everyone with an interest in the paranormal at any level.

Learn to Become Psychic

We've purposely made The Psychics is easily accessible for the curious and those beginning to learn about the paranormal, or wishing to develop their psychic ability - and will also provide pleasure to those whose spiritual awareness is already heightened.

Discover the World of the Psychic

Find out more about the most celebrated Psychic Mediums working today, like Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, Theresa Caputo, John Edward, and others.

Discover books and videos written and performed by your favourite Psychic Mediums, like The Psychic World of Derek Acorah or Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh.

Learn about the ways in which they communicate with our lost loved ones in the afterlife, greet their spirit guides, find out who is clairvoyant who is clair sentient.

Are you Psychic to some degree?

If you've ever had a dream, ever felt different, ever known who was calling on the phone before it even rang, then take comfort and know we are all psychic to some degree.

The Psychics site will help you realise your psychic potential and lead you to self development and healing and spiritual enlightenment.

Rosemary Altea has 'Seven Steps' to help you on your spiritual journey of self discovery. We hope you enjoy this wonderful journey!

Do you have Psychic Luck?

You may have met people, or have noticed something lucky about yourself when playing games of chance - whether you're selecting the numbers yourself, such as Roulette, or where the numbers are chosen for you, such as Bingo.

Easy to Use

The Psychics is divided into easy to use sections which will continue to grow over time into the definitive guide about psychic mediums, and their activities, learn about death survival evidence, physical mediumship and how to gain consolation and comfort after bereavement.

We hope you find what you're looking for.

Nothing to Fear

Much missed Doris Stokes taught us that death is nothing to be feared and you can benefit from the words of wisdom she has left in her heartwarming books.

The Psychics will take you on a journey of enlightenment, and it starts with just a single click ...

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