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colin fry sixth sense psychic medium Colin Fry is one of the UK's best known Psychic mediums through his TV show Sixth Sense which is a popular part of Living TV's schedule he also tours extensively throughout the British Isles, Japan, Australia and the USA. Colin has trained as a bereavement counselor and his work also involves healing.

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With his elfin features Colin looks every inch a 'sensitive' and his caring manner and gentle delivery promotes 'light and love'. In his TV show Sixth Sense he gives members of the studio audience a unique opportunity to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Colin gains messages through 'clairsentience' which is almost like interpreting thoughts and he brings humour and laughter to the show when he looks coyly almost blushing and says out loud to to the lost loved one 'I can't say that' , 'Don't go giving me naughty thoughts'.
Colin's TV show first aired in 2002 and has been a run away success but like many 'over night sensations' Colin has been working hard for many years, honing his craft of delivering his messages in the most enjoyable and rewarding way for his audience. He has completed theatre tours in Finland, Japan, Australia and America. Colin has been aware of his special gift from an early age but he says, “when you’re a little child people think it’s endearing. Then you grow into your teens and you tell the people you go to school with; they are either totally fascinated by it or totally freaked out by it”. But Colin knew he was very gifted and became a professional medium at the age of seventeen.
Colin is also an exponent of and advocate for 'Physical Mediumship' and helped formed 'The Noah's Ark Society' for the promotion of 'Physical Mediumship' and recently became a Director of the Leslie Flint Trust.
Colin Fry tours extensively and has also teamed up with felow psychic and friend Tony Stockwell for several tour dates in 2005.
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6ith Sense with Colin Fry - DVD
Colin Fry's long awaited DVD to showcase his work and give extra insight into the interviews he undertakes on his TV show Sixth Sense. This film presentation includes 15 minutes of previously unseen footage from Sixth Sense which was deemed too sensitive to be shown on TV.

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Colin Fry is regularly joined on his live theatre tours by his friend and fellow psychic medium Tony Stockwell. Tony Stockwell is a familiar face on Living TV where he starred in his own series Street Psychic and was aided by Colin Fry on his innovative and highly popular ground breaking tv series Psychic School and his latest exciting series Psychic Detective also for Living TV.
Tony published his first book in October 2004 and you can buy your copy now.
Tony Stockwell psychic medium

Spirited: Living Between Two Worlds - Tony Stockwell, A Top Psychic Medium's Extraordinary Story  

Even as a child, Tony Stockwell knew he was different from those around him and he often told his mother that he felt he had been born to do something special with his life. One of his first messages to his young schoolfriends was that we cannot die, that death is only a horizon, that we are eternal.

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Coming Soon

Colin has also secured a book deal and will be publishing his first book very soon. We will bring you further details as soon as we have them. Why not bookmark this page?

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