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Derek Acorah Celebrity Quitters

Psychic Mediums derek acorah celebrity quitter Derek Acorah, Britain's favourite psychic medium,
is calling on powers other than the supernatural to help him quit smoking.
After smoking as many as 40 cigarettes a day for 30 years Derek has often talked about his desire to give up the smoking habit, and now he lets us share in his struggle to do just that.
Derek Acorah aims to kick the 40 a day habit and declare himself a Celebrity Quitter and connfirmed Non Smoker.

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Update: Derek Acorah looks great .
To keep in trim he swims and watches what he eats.
Derek admits "The only downside was the ciggies"
Here at we are delighted to Congratulate Derek Acorah on quitting smoking
and wish him all the best for the future

Derek Acorah's wife Gwen fully supports Derek's bid to quit smoking. She says it is something Derek has talked about for a long time but has never committed to with a passion.
She tells how when they share a meal in a restaurant she will spend a lot of the time sitting at the table alone waiting for Derek to return from a 'cigarette break' which he has had to leave the building to take. The smoking ban in England means he can no longer smoke in certain public places and the many long train journeys his career may demand have become true trials for Derek Acorah as he contemplates hours of travel without the opportunity to smoke.
In this new series 'Celebrity Quitters' five celebrities are faced with the choice - will they remain smokers or will they quit. Derek is the heavisest smoker in the group, admitting to smoking upto 50 cigarettes a day and regularly knotching up 40 a day for the last 30 years. Derek reveals how he witnessed his Father suffer in agony with Cancer before passing over and his Mother was diagnosed with a lung desease before she died.
These are experiences Derek will never forget and prey on his mind as he fortifies himself for the battle with quitting smoking he faces.
Read DerekAcorah's own review of quitting smoking for inspiration.


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Derek Acorah - Celebrity Quitters
derek acorah celebrity quitters

Celebrity Quitters -
Five.TV Every week night 7.30 pm from Monday 18 Januray 2010
Repeated week days at 1.30 pm and 6.00 pm from Tuesday 19 January 2010

This ten-part reality series sponsored by NHS 'Smokefree' followsDerek Acorah and four other celebrities as they vow to give up smoking using various methods. Derek Acorah, Linda Robson, John Burton Race, Chloe Madeley, and Paul Danan have very little in common except an addiction to nicotine and their own personal incentives to quit. As they start to confront their fears, they learn more about themselves and realise the choice they make – whether to be a smoker or a quitter – is one of the defining decisions of their lives.

Derek Acorah says "When I was offerred the expanse of support, from a GP and clinical psychologist plus all the quitting aids available and the backing of the NHS
I had to give quitting smoking a real try."

Derek Acorah's Celebrity Quitters Diary

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