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Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah
Derek Acorah is said to be a very modern medium, but he's no overnight success he has twenty years of psychic experience. Derek made 'Most Haunted' a top rating show for Living TV and pioneered 'Most Haunted Live' the groundbreaking experiment in interactive paranormal investigation which became unmitigated success. Now he invites you to go Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah.
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Derek Acorah
- Spirit Medium
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- Ghost Hunting

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As a man and a medium Derek Acorah has an irresistibly warm personality, his passion and enthusiasm for his work is as uplifting to witness as singing in a gospel choir. Derek's caring and compassion seem infectious. Derek Acorah's tour dates are always sold out weeks in advance so book early no doubt because for a couple of hours in the theatre watching psychic medium Derek you feel all is right with this world, and the next for that matter!
As a Ghost Hunter Derek Acorah is intrepid, he knows the danger he puts himself in and he trusts completely in the protection of his spirit guide 'Sam'. Anyone who has witnessed Derek as he seeks out spirits from another time on 'Most Haunted' has witnessed the changes he undergoes as spirits - some good some evil - speak through Derek Acorah until the mild man loved by so many is rendered unrecognisable.  His voice changes, not just in tone but in language and cadence, his face contorts and takes on a new demeanor. Derek says ”It can be quite alarming... I stand back detached and I can hear the spirit person I am channelling, but I can't hear it clearly - and then suddenly it goes blank, that's really when they are in, and it's up to Sam then to help me get back to myself... Sam is invaluable he is the medium over there”
In his latest book Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah the UK's number one TV psychic brings you a fascinating and compelling guide to ghost hunting. With tips and hints on tools, locations, and types of spirit activity a budding ghost hunter might encounter, Acorah provides a fascinating guide with plenty of brilliant and fascinating stories of his own encounters. Derek Acorah, well-known from the television programme "Most Haunted," has written a guide to ghosts that will fulfil your every ghost-related desire! Whether you want to find your very own ghost, learn more about how Derek does it, or just share more of Derek's fascinating experiences with the spirit world, Ghost Hunting With Derek Acorah is sure to satisfy you! Along with numerous entertaining and occasionally frightening true-life accounts of Derek's own experiences with ghosts, Ghost Hunting With Derek Acorah will give you a fascinating insight into Derek's world and the world of the spirits. The book contains: - Information of different types of ghost you may encounter, such as residual energy, anniversary ghosts, poltergeists and the spirit people. - Hints on how to prepare and what tools to use. - Where to go to find ghosts, with examples of some of the best places to find a ghost in the UK such as Chingle Hall, Goosnargh, Rufford Old Hall, Ormskirk, Lancs, Speke Hall. And Derek Acorah believes the ghost hunting is worthwhile. When interviewed Derek tells of a recent encounter on 'Most Haunted Live' "I was talking about a particular person, a spirit man - a highwayman, and right across the lake there he was... he shot across the trees and we got him on camera. And that's not just the one isolated case. We are getting very close to manifestation, we really are”

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This is an incredible insight into Derek Acorah's ghost hunting experiences when visiting haunted locations and is delivered with Derek's unique blend of compassion,charm and gentle humour.

ghost hunting with derek acorah

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'Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah'
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