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Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns
Derek Acorah was the true star of Living TV's 'Most Haunted' and it was inevitable that Derek would move on to front his own successful signature show someday and that day is here. 'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' has been an instant success with the public, an average of 60,000 people turn out at each town Derek visits in his weekly shows and TV viewers tune in by the million. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, cometh Derek Acorah to a town near you?
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October 2006 Don't Miss
Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns Series 3
This Brand New Series 3 Begins Tuesday 3 October

Derek Acorah says "I’m quite thrilled about the third series.
There’s a difference. The viewers are hopefully going to lock on to it and enjoy it.

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Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns is a brilliant vehicle for Derek's 'people person ' personality. Derek loves people and if he can help a person he will yet Derek was reluctant in his early years to become a medium and as his calling grew, he still refused to profit from giving readings, eventually as he realised how much people wanted to make use of his psychic powers he felt compelled to give up his mundane day job and become a full time spirit medium. Since then Derek Acorah's career has blossomed, but even he couldn't have foretold how phenomenally popular his TV shows would be.
In his new show Derek and his small team visit a different town in Britain each week and meet and greet the public from their Ghost Town Truck, where people can leave their own video tales of the supernatural, In series 3 Derek has an all new team. Derek is joined by TV presenters Rhodri Owen and the bewitching Mylene Klass as they set off around and about the 'Ghost Town' to investigate haunted buildings and uncover local myths and legends. A highly popular part of the show is 'Derek's Doorstep Divination' where Derek directs the crew to someone's doorstep using his psychic intuition and asks the surprised residents if he can come in and do a reading for them. Unbelievably not everyone jumps at the chance!
The show completed it's first series in December 2005 and Series two of Derek Acorah's Ghost Town began in January 2006 on Living TV. 'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' Series 3 commences Tuesday 3 October 2006.
In the new series the team head to locations from a treasure hunt in Greenwich that turns nasty, to eerie shapeshifters at Swansea Watermill, this season promises to be the scariest yet – especially when the team visit Chester and their encounter leaves a member of the team collapsed on the floor! Not to be missed TV and if Derek is coming to a town near you why not turn out and say 'Hello'. As Derek says "People see programmes like Ghost Towns and think, 'Hey, hold on a minute, I wasn't crazy. I did experience these things'. I think that is why it has been so popular.

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Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns
Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns prime time series is has topped two million viewers and it's success has lead to Derek compiling a book and both the first and second series becoming available to buy on DVD. You can buy your copies here and now.
derek acorah ghost towns series 2 Derek Acorah's Ghost Town - Series 2 - DVD

In locations across the UK, Derek Acorah faces fresh challenges in each new town, unearthing strange stories, we discover new, exciting and often terrirfying phenomena. Ten episodes across 3 DVD discs.Includes a set of 4 x exclusive Derek Acorah / Ghost Towns post cards.
Buy Your Copy Now

derek acorah ghost towns dvd Derek Acorah's Ghost Town - Series 1 - DVD

Derek Acorah the UK's most renowned spiritual medium takes to the road to investigate local mysteries. In each of the eight locations across the UK, Derek and the team face a fresh challenge in a new town, unearthing strange stories that have plagued the local residents for years. For the first time on British TV, it is the public who lead the investigation as we discover new, exciting and often terrifying phenomena.
Buy Your Copy Now
derek acorah's ghost towns book
Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns - The Book

This book will be available Now buy your copy now.

'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' is a fully-illustrated collection of stories to tie-in with the incredible new LIVINGtv series, starring Britain's best-loved medium Derek Acorah. "Ghost Towns" which sees Derek take to the road to meet the people of Britain

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