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Derek Acorah Psychic Medium

Derek Acorah is the best known, most popular, and highly respected British psychic medium. His accuracy is astonishing and his delivery unique. Derek Acorah made 'Most Haunted' 
a top rating show for Living TV. Derek progressed to hosting his own TV and has published many top selling books.

Derek Acorah is loved by his army of fans, who flock to theatres to see his demonstrations, believe it or not, Derek will charm you.

Physical Characteristics

Derek Acorah is blessed with a warm and caring personality, and he delivers his messages from the other side with marvelous accuracy and a gentle humour, often taking on the physical characteristics of a passed loved one with a comic effect. But he's no light weight, Derek Acorah courageously went in search of spirit entities in the his TV series 'Most Haunted' , while viewers hold their breaths Derek's voice becomes husky and he communes with the spirits of wrong doers.

Spirit Guide "Sam"

Derek trusts implicitly in his Spirit guide 'Sam' , when asked if he ever felt he was in danger filming 'Most Haunted' he says 'Sam is so protective of me and my trust in him is radical' And he has fearlessly put his gift to the test when appearing on 'Most Haunted Live' editions, which are on air live for over three hours respectively.

Despite their long length the shows have consistently pulled approaching 2 million viewers. Derek Acorah has been a full time medium for over twenty years. He is based in Britain however his work has taken him around the world and he is renowned in America where in December 1998 he was given a position on the ISPR (International Society for Paranormal Research).

Derek Acorah the Footballer

Derek knew from a very young age that he was gifted, and was encouraged by his Grandmother to use his abilities, but as a young man Derek Acorah had the talent and the desire to play first class football and played for Liverpool FC no less, and in Australia for USC Lion.

Maybe fate took a hand because a knee injury forced Derek to give up his dream and resort to much less glamorous work.

Always popular and a great communicator Derek began to share his gift with a chosen few and soon the demand for one to one readings was so great that he had to give up his day job and become a full time medium.

TV Career

It was many years later that he began his TV career but he was an instant success with groundbreaking and award winning work on the two television series, 'Predictions with Derek Acorah' and 'Psychic Livetime'

Derek completed a six series of 'Most Haunted' and then launched his own series of 'Antiques Ghost Show' a highly original format, where Derek taps into the strong emotions attached to family heirlooms in an attempt to connect generations of families.

Derek was the true star of 'Most Haunted' and is was an inevitable step that he front his own signature show, that show is 'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' and is a smash hit for Derek Acorah and Living TV.

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