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Doris Stokes was one of the most best known and influential psychic mediums of the twentieth century. Her down to earth, practical manner helped demystify mediumship and brought belief in death survival to the masses. She filled the Albert Hall to capacity and Sydney Opera House three nights in a row. She made many television appearances and toured extensively despite her own illness and personal tragedies she was determined to bring hope and succour to as many people as possible.

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Already well known in Britain, Doris became famous the world over when in 1978, she undertook a series of tests on television in the USA, which were a stunning success. Suddenly she was in demand everywhere. Her books became best sellers and she had many public appearances. Doris had waiting list for private sittings that ran in to the thousands and many famous people of the day sought her advice.
Doris Stokes had been aware of her gift as a young child, and she saw dead relatives as clearly as if they were still alive. One faithful visitor from the other side was her Father who told her just before he died '"All you've got to do is put out your hand and I'll be there to take hold" he brought her remarkably accurate personal messages from beyond. She recalls in her book 'In My Ear' "The bedroom door flew open so sharply I thought it was my mother bursting in, and there stood my father. My mouth dropped open. He looked as real and solid as he did when he was alive... "Dad?" I whispered " I never lied to you, did I Doll?" he asked. "I don't think so". I said. " I'm not lying to you now. John is not with us and on Christmas day you will have proof of this." Then as I watched, he vanished. Three days later the War Office informed her that her husband John was dead. To everyone's amazement she refused to believe it. She clung to her hopes. Just as her father had predicted her husband was found, although badly injured but alive and she was indeed notified on Christmas day.
Doris Stokes popularised mediumship and was an inspiration to many to develop their own psychic ability. After an extensive illness Doris died in 1987 but she has left a wonderful legacy in her books. All Doris' books are very accessible and a great place for anyone beginning an interest in spiritualism or anyone who just wants a really good read.

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Doris Stokes Lives On In Her Legacy of Storytelling

doris stokes voices collection

Doris Stokes Book: Voices: a Doris Stokes Collection

An anthology of Doris' two best selling books : "Voices In My Ear", published in 1980, and "More Voices In My Ear", published in 1981. Doris Stokes possessed an amazing gift - exceptional psychic powers that over the years of her extraordinary life brought joy and comfort to thousands of people.

Well written and easy to read this fascinating book is a delight. It's riveting and heart warming bringing hope and comfort especially to the bereaved. This book is a great starting place for anyone with an interest in psychic phenomena and will even prove intriguing for the non believer. Written with Doris' natural candour and honesty you may find you can't put it down.
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dorsi stokes a host of voices

Doris Stokes Book: A Host of Voices: The Second Doris Stokes Collection

An omnibus of two of Doris Stokes' books, "Innocent Voices in My Ear" and "Whispering Voices". In the first, she tells of her special relationship and psychic communications with children and those who died young including John Lennon. In the second she recalls amusing and emotional situations.

Through Doris' own personal tragedy she had a special affinity with those who have lost young children and her compassion shines through the pages of this book. Doris became hugely popular for her uncanny accuracy, in Britain and the USA. She regails us with great honesty and good humour about her rise to psychic stardom. In her life time Doris brought comfort and joy to millions let her do the same for you.
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