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Do you know someone who holds a keen interest in the supernatural and all things spiritual? Someone who you would like to surprise with a fascinating gift? Here at the Psychics we have scoured the internet to bring you unusual gift ideas with a flavour of other worldliness for you to conveniently buy online. We hope you like them and those to whom you give them to, love them. Great Karma all round?

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psychic angels

12 Beautiful Greeting Cards In Collectable Tin

12 enchanting blank greeting cards (4 different designs) with coloured printed envelopes in a re-usable collectable tin box.
Various collections to choose from (eg: angels, unicorn, native american) these are a delight to send or give as a gift. Great value.
Take a Look - They're a Joy to behold!.

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psychic child
Magic Cat Pendant (Sterling Silver)

This stunning cat design represents deep intuition knowing and magic. Super sleek cat leaps through a crescent moon. Express yourself with this luxury design or treat a special friend.
Supernatural value at just £16.84
( 16' or 18' chains available for well under £5.00.)
Many other super spiritual design available. Seek here
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Ghost - The Fragrance
Ghost - The Fragrance is a floral fragrance combining jasmine with rose petals, blending soft vanilla and earthy sandalwood, hibiscus with a hint of musk. Suitable for ever day wear.
Also available
Ghost Serenity -Fragrance, suitable for occasional wear and invaluable in a gift box edition with fragranced bath dew.
Ghost - Deep Night
- Eau de Toilette Spray
Deep Night is an unusual subtle fragrance. Spicy, woody notes are blended with mildly sweet and fruity tones. Perfect to wear for some enchanted evening!

Ghost - Deep Night

Rainbow Maker
Original Swarovski Crystal rainbow maker is a wonderful gift to bring the joy of colourful rainbows into the home or business of people you love.The rainbow maker produces beautiful rainbows when the light hits the rotating Swarovski crystal that attaches to your window thanks to a suction cup. For feng shui and fun buy this super gift,or raise you spirits and treat yourself.
The Swarovski crystal rainbow maker measures 151 x 50mm x 25mm.

rainbow maker

Second Sight NEW Best selling with rave reviews.
If you've ever wanted to experience the power of psychic skills now's your chance - the virtual way.Develop paranormal psychic abilities and use them. Second Sight lets players control a character endowed with incredible psychic abilities. The game offers multiple approaches to completing levels including psychic powers.The ability to psychically influence characters and remotely manipulate objects and individuals provides for a totally fresh gameplay dynamic.Use telekinesis, healing , projection and much, much more. The gift of second sight. For Over 16s only.
Available now on PS2, Xbox and GameCube
Out NOW on PC

second site computer game
star theatre
Star Theater 2
The Star Theater 2 transforms your bedroom or lounge (or any room, in fact!) into an amazing 360 degree planetarium. It projects hundreds of stars, planets and constellations onto your walls and ceiling, producing a wonderous display of the night sky. 

Sexy Lingerie
Frame your own destiny with some sexy lingerie. Treat yourself to some luxury lingerie or choose a sexy gift for the significant other in your life.If you want to buy as a gift and are not sure what size, choose something like this sexy chemise which comes in one size and lots of colours. Great sexy gift for him too!

And if size matters there are many sexy choices in extra large sizes for women and men! .

Go on, grab a little bit of heaven on earth.

sexy psychic
sexy psychic gift

Just For Fun this gadget is a suitable for kids and grown ups of all ages and has been described as delivering a feeling 'like being punched by a ghost'!. This amazing fun gun is capable of blasting a 'ball' of air at unsuspecting victims up to 20 ft away! Airzooka propels a powerful pocket of air straight at your intended target. It's a bit like having an invisible pair of mega-powerful bellows. With its walloping phantom blasts, Airzooka is ideal for convincing workmates and friends there's a poltergeist in town, by blowing their paperwork about. They really won't know what's hit them, great for a themed party.

Airzooka fun toy
psychic angel
Large Angel Figurine
This enchanting ornament is beautifully detailed in resin and stands aprox. 8" high.  One of a series.  An inspiring and comforting gift to give to someone you love. Very tasteful.
Fantasy Tarot Cards
Choose beautiful tarot cards, these are Tarot of White Cat Cards.  The deck with a feline and playful flavour, simple and direct for beginners and experts. There are many other fantastic and gorgeous tarot decks to select mythical creatures, dragons or legendry places brought like Atlantis. Imaginative artwork where colour, form and symbols come together to create fantastical works of art where the overall impression acts as an intuitive gateway.
psychic tarot cards
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