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Psychic Mediums james van praagh James Van Praagh hosts his own psychic chat show called 'Beyond' which British viewers have been watching on UK Living since last autumn. Many US celebrities have lined up to have a reading on air with Van Praagh. Through his best selling books and his demonstrations and readings, his empathic style has brought comfort to millions of people around the world. 

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Over the past 20 years, James Van Praagh has spoken with thousands of people through his lectures and demonstrations, spreading the knowledge of life after death. He has a relaxed, easy style that demystifies and makes talking with lost loved ones seem more like a chat on the phone. James is a clairsentient which means he receives messages from 'beyond' by feelings. He says of reading "Personality traits come in as well. If a person was talkative while alive, he will come through with plenty to say." James also relays physical traits and death conditions as evidence. "If I convey recognizable evidence along with even a fraction of the loving energy behind the message, I consider the reading successful."
Today, he is recognized as one of the foremost mediums in the world. Does James' great gift and ability faze him? He says he has only ever experienced love, compassion and healing in his communion with the other side. 'It is the love bond between people which allows me to make the connection between the living and the dead.'
James has appeared on all the top shows in the USA and CBS even made a highly successful mini series inspired by James which starred Ted Danson. British viewers know him from his chat show style programme on Living TV 'Beyond'.
James' wish is to reach as many people as he can with his message of survival evidence and he says 'My greatest satisfaction in doing this work is witnessing an instantaneous change in people.' and James believes that we are all psychic to some degree and wants to help people find fulfillment and spiritual awareness through meditation. His instructive books give practical guide lines to those wishing to develop their psychic abilities and also much comfort and hope to anyone who has loved and lost.

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james van praagh - talking to heaven James Van Praagh Book: Talking to Heaven
A Medium's Message of Life After Death
  - paperback book

James Van Praagh tells of his communications with the spirits and lost loved ones. This uplifting books offers proof of death survival and comfort to the bereaved. James believes we all have psychic powers and in this book he also advises readers how to get in touch with the spirits for themselves
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james van praagh - reaching to heaven

James Van Praagh Book: Reaching to Heaven
A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death
- paperback book

In this book James Van Praagh reveals how to develop your own spiritual awareness and psychic ability, and relates the stories of individuals who have found comfort in communications from their deceased loved ones. This book is intriguing an inspirational.
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james van praagh heaven and earth James Van Praagh Book: Heaven and Earth
Making the Psychic Connection
- paperback book

Bestselling psychic author and celebrity medium James Van Praagh combines accounts of his extraordinary readings with a practical step by step programme for developing your own intuition and psychic abilities. Thousand of bereaved have found comfort in James' teaching that death is not the end.
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James Van Praagh healing grief James Van Praagh Book: Healing Grief
Reclaiming Life After Any Loss
- paperback book

James Van Praagh offers positive and inspirational methods for facing personal loss and understanding grief. James' draws upon his own experience of the spirit world, showing how to move on from pain and grief, and achieve inner peace. Anyone who has loved and loss may take comfort from this heart warming book.
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