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Psychic Mediums john edward modern medium John Edward brings a fresh contemporary approach to mediumship which has taken America by storm. His pioneering show 'Crossing Over', was the first psychic show to use a chat show format, and John now has TV audiences all over europe riveted to their sets. His uncanny accuracy and confrontational style have endeared him to a new breed of believers and earned him a massive cult following. John is a medium for our time, and the modern media loves him.

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John Edward is a medium for our time, the modern media love him. One journalist observed of Edward's Crossing Over routine, "He's like a psychic short-order cook, barking out personal messages then moving on to the next person" . John Edward certainly has his own style and takes no prisoners, confident and commanding, if he has a message he's going to deliver it. John experienced communication with the other side early in life and he never regarded it as anything special. John Edward was raised in Long Island, New York, and as a child he could communicate with family members who had passed over or predict future events. John trained as a health care professional and even taught ballroom dancing before a meeting with famed psychic Lydia Clar changed his working life. She said she could see him working full time as a medium, an option he had not previously considered, but shortly after, the demand for him to undertake personal readings became so great that he had to give all his time over to it. John's style works well on TV and he gets a lot of media coverage in the States, recently he was heavily criticized for making special efforts to reunite loved ones with victims of the so called 9/11 terrorist attack. John stresses he is not a grief counselor but concedes that his work can be of great help to those seeking closure and healing.
John still believes that we all have psychic ability to some degree, he says,"I don't look at myself as being gifted. I think it's something that we all have, and I think that we ought to better research it. " To this end he has produced two audio recordings to help people attain their psychic potential. He has also written three books which have all been national best sellers. John Edward has undertaken theatre tours in the USA and Australia but has yet to commit to a UK tour.
British viewers can see 'Crossing Over with John Edward' on Living TV and read all about the stories behind the TV revelations in his book 'Crossing Over'.
John ends every show with an entreaty to viewers to stay in contact with living loved ones, this he says would make his work less vital. As John would say 'Communicate, appreciate and validate a loved one today'

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John Edward Book: Crossing Over The Stories Behind the Stories

A behind the scenes peek and what goes on around the making of the TV show 'Crossing Over With John Edward'. Learn more about John himself and some of the lucky people who have had readings. The revelations of the show are often just he tip of the iceberg, you'll be astounded at the heart warming stories and testimonials
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John Edward, crossing over
john edward one last time John Edward Book: One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We Have Loved and Lost

John Edward gives an account of his life as a 30 year old medium, how he discovered his gift to fortell events and communicate with those loved and lost. He also reminds us that we are all psychic to some degree and gives advice on how to tune in to our spiritual side. Prepare to be amazed.
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John Edward Book: What If God Were the Sun?

Psychic medium John Edward weaves this story about one family and their way of dealing with life, love and death over the generations. He draws upon his experience with individuals throughout the world -and their loved ones who have crossed over. This unique book tells of unconditional love both before and after death. A thought provoking story told in Edward's inimitable style
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Also available as an Audio Book two tape set.
Would make an excellent gift.
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John Edward bestselling author

John Edward Audio Book: Unleashing Your Psychic Potential

John Edward insists that we all have psychic powers. In these tapes he helps you learn and understand and develop your inner-self. These tapes use visualisation techniques and are very relaxing. Ideal for beginners.
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john edward unleashing your psychic potential
john edwards devloping your own psychic powers

John Edward Audio Book: Developing Your Own Psychic Powers - six tapes

John Edwards relates past experiences and stories and leads you step by step through various exercises to help you achieve meditation and a higher spiritual awareness. He is a gifted medium and a great teacher everything from protecting your aura to meeting your spiritual guides is covered. Recommended for anyone wanting to improve their psychic capabilities.
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