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Rosemary Altea - 'The Voice of the Spirit World'

Psychic Mediums Rosemary Altea (pronounced al-TAY-a) was born in England but has won success and great acclaim in America. She has appeared on many of the top US TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show,
Prime Time with Diane Sawyer, 20/20, Leeza and Unsolved Mysteries. She really wowed Larry King when she was a guest on his top rating show, "I was truly amazed," says Larry King, . "She described my deceased parents perfectly."
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Rosemary is comfortable with her ability "There are always people that I can see around me from the spirit world," she says "They tap me on the shoulder and ask if I might give a message to someone nearby. It's something about my aura; they know I am a communicator, that I will hear them - their sound actually seeps through my skin."
But for many years fear caused Rosemary to hide and disguise her talent as a medium.
Rosemary Altea's Grandmother Eliza had been committed to a lunatic asylum in central England so when Rosemary began hearing voices in the night she was terrified. "and as the voices grew much stronger throughout my life," she says, "I thought I was going to crack up. It was my major concern that I never be discovered. Her father, William Edwards, a career military man attached to the Royal Engineers, had a fierce temper, she says, and "smacked" his scrawny daughter often. Her emotionally frosty mother, Lillian, warned Rosemary that if she didn't forget all that foolishness about voices and visions, she would end up in the local asylum like her grandmother who Rosemary Altea
now believes was more psychic than psychotic.
As well as a respected psychic medium, giving one to one advice to people (among them some very influential people) face to face, over the phone and through her website, Rosemary Altea is also a committed spiritual healer. She is on a mission to heal and to touch as many lives as she possibly can. She has worked professionally as a medium for over twenty years and is the founder of the RAAH--the Rosemary Altea Association of Healers, a charitable organization based in England with patients worldwide. and is a faith healer and has five healing centers in Britain.

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Rosemary Altea Book: The Eagle And The Rose

Rosemary Altea's first book and an international bestseller, it explains her early life and the beginning of her career. She also shows how she contacts the spirit world, predicts future events, performs 'spirit rescues' for those unable to continue their journey and, most of all, she illuminates a plane of infinite goodness, light and wonder beyond everyday life -
a place accessible to us all.
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rosemary altea: eagla and rose
rosemary altea proud spirit

Rosemary Altea Book: Proud Spirit
Lessons, Insights and Healing from "The Voice of the Spirit World"

Rosemary Altea's sequel to The Eagle and The Rose brings us more about her life and work with her spirit guide Grey Eagle. Rosemary uses revealing episodes from her own personal life, as well as stories gathered from her work as a spiritual medium and a healer, to illuminate our understanding of what happens when we die. Rosemary takes her readers farther along the path, exploring opportunities for spiritual growth in our everyday lives.
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rosemary altea you own the power Rosemary Altea Book: You Own the Power
Unleashing Your Spiritual Self in Seven Steps

Rosemary Altea's self help book takes you on a journey of self discovery and opens you up to your supernatural side. Using proven exercises that focus on relaxation, visualization and positive thinking you will tune in to your psychic potential and develop your intuition with the Rosemary's seven steps. Take your first step and ...
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Rosemary Altea Book/Tape: Give the Gift of Healing
A Concise Guide to Spiritual Healing

Rosemary Altea offers an introduction to spiritual healing, beginning with a personal account of how she embraced her role as a healer nineteen years ago. Sharing her belief that sickness and pain can cause the soul to live in a dark place, Rosemary presents healing techniques designed to give light. The audio tape features Rosemary's soothing voice with meditative music, is a self-healing exercise designed to carry listeners to a plane of emotional and spiritual harmony. An excellent starting place for anyone who wants to begin to know themselves and heal themselves. Treat yourself to this soothing experience or why not give the gift of healing to a loved one.
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