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sally-morgan-psychic Sally Morgan is currently Britain's best loved
TV psychic medium. Sally describes herself as 'an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift' and one which she enjoys sharing with her adoring followers which included Princess Diana herself. See Psychic Medium Sally Morgan regularly on Living TV.

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Psychic Sally: On The Road
on Living TV

Sally Morgan, psychic medium, is now a familiar face on British TV and has won the hearts of millions of followers including many popular celebrities.Sally Morgan is proud to be named the best loved psychic. Her recent TV series Psychic Sally: On The Road for Living TV. The series includes Sally giving one to one readings to members of the public as well as favourite TV stars who include Joe Swash and Kym Marsh.

Sally's amazing psychic gift will have you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're a believer or not, Sally delivers the most moving and jaw-dropping psychic shows in the UK today. Psychic Sally: On The Road is an eight part TV series which follows Sally Morgan as she addresses large audiences up and down the British Isles.

Sally Morgan had her first psychic experience at nine months, and saw her first spirit when she was four. Then Jesus appeared to her on the bedroom ceiling. She has had various jobs related to the health service; she worked as a dental nurse for 25 years.

This may well be part of Sally's charm, that as a psychic medium who communes with spirits from the other side and sees dead people, she is incredibly down to earth in her approach and quickly puts people at their ease. Sally used her psychic gift to predict the death of the Queen Mother but her visioin a vison which also contained images of the events of Princess Diana's death.

So much information was inter mingled and at the time Sally experienced the vison through psychic mediumship but the very thought of Princess Diana dying at that time was unthinkable. Now with hindsight her psychic experience was eerily detailed and precise. Princess Diane consulted Sally Morgan on many occassions and their relationship must have made Sally's vision of Diana's demise even more distressing for Ms Morgan.

It is reported that recently mega media start Jordan aka Katie Price consulted Sally Morgan and truly enjoyed the experience.


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Sally Morgan - Psychic Medium
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